I built 3 variations of a game for different platforms (i.e. Facebook, mobile etc.) in Flash CS4.

I now have the following structure (5 folders):


In each of the top three folders there is a .fla file. Every .fla uses assets and classes from the "shared folders" but also platform-unique code.

I would now like to migrate this project to Flash Builder but
1) what is the best approach to stay organized?
2) what is the best .fla file workflow?


Well, that depends... if you ever want to migrate to Flex4 and use Maven2 to automate the build, you might want to organize your project as follows:

|- common
|  |- CommonModule.fla
|  |- src
|  |- test
|- platform1
|  |- Platform1Module.fla
|  |- src
|  |- test
|- platform2
|  |- Platform2Module.fla
|  |- src
|  |- test
|- ...

I unfortunately didn't organize it this way, and have recently been clobbered when trying to switch away from Adobe's over-priced IDE that doesn't even support building from the commandline. (How on earth is one supposed to perform integration testing or define pre-/post-commit hooks without commandline builds?)

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