I try to compute gradient map using HOGDescriptor. My code:

HOGDescriptor hog;
Mat grad;
Mat sec;
hog.computeGradient(frame_gray, grad, angleofs);

imshow("1", frame_gray);
imshow("2", grad); //here program fails: Unhandled exception at memory location
imshow("3", angleofs); //grad.data = "". Why??

I cant find goot examples of using HOGDescriptor::computeGradient.

Help please!


To visualize OpenCv's HOGDescriptor::Calculate(..), use this, it's amazing.


imshow("2", grad); fails because imshow expects that grad image is a 1, 3 or 4 channel image whereas it is a 2 channel image.

First channel contains the gradient in x direction whereas the second channel contains the gradient in y. You should split the channels in two images to visualize them:

Mat grad_channel[2];
split(grad, grad_channel);
imshow("grad_x", grad_channel[0]);
imshow("grad_y", grad_channel[1]);


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