Is it possible to render a kendo control inside a Kendo Template? Something like this one?

<script id="treeview-template" type="text/kendo-ui-template">  

Thanks in advance!


Yes you can, just do not forget to call the ToClientTemplate method at the end. This method should be available for any Kendo widget.

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    Hi Pechka, could you please tell me how this ToClientTemplate() works? Cant find any documentation about this one. Thanks! – Jude Duran Feb 14 '13 at 3:15
  • Thanks Pechka! It worked. Ijust removed the "Render()" function. I posted my final solution. :) – Jude Duran Feb 15 '13 at 3:37

Thanks for the help Pechka! ToClientTemplate() extension method did the job.

<script id="treeview-template" type="text/kendo-ui-template">
         # var ctrlid= item.ControlId; #


But for some reason, when I put "item.ControlId" directly at the name property, it can't render the control. So i tried storing it in a variable and used that on the name property and it worked. :)

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