I am using cmake for my project, but I have another library in a subdirectory ( say lib/ ) which uses a plain Makefile. How do I instruct CMake to run the Makefile in lib as part of the build process?


The solution is to use:

execute_process ( COMMAND make WORKING_DIRECTORY ${project_SOURCE_DIR}/path/to/lib )


If your /lib contains its own CMakeLists.txt, just use the add_subdirectory command:



you have to use exec_program command:


where script.sh is

cd /path/of/your/lib/ && make

do not forget

chmod +x script.sh

In my opinion, the first solution is better !!!

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    thanks for the reply, but execute_process() has superseded it. I found the answer the next day. – Nikhil Oct 1 '09 at 13:56

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