I am taking an introductory course to IBM iSeries and Rational Developer, and I'm having difficulty compiling one of my RPGLE programs for a lab... Unfortunately, the lab is just a walkthrough of code we are supposed to compile without much explanation, so I have absolutely no clue about what I'm doing....

When I compile my program MARKSRPG.RPGLE, most of my errors say "The Name Or Indicator Is Not Defined"... I don't know what this means, and I'm unable to move ahead to see if what I have coded works thus far.

(UPDATE: I've made corrections to the suggestions, and now I'm getting different errors. "The types of the left and right hand side do not match in the EVAL operation", and "Operands are not compatible with the type of operator.)

The program is broken up into two files: MARKSRPG.RPGLE and MARKSDSP.DSPF. Here is the code for both, but my errors only show up on MARKSRPG.RPGLE


 A          R RECORD1
 A                                  1 33'Marks Calculator'
 A                                  2  2USER
 A                                  1  2SYSNAME
 A                                  1 72DATE
 A                                  4 24'Test 1:'
 A                                  5 24'Test 2:'
 A                                  6 24'Test 3:'
 A                                  7 24'Labs:'
 A                                  8 24'Exam:'
 A            TEST1          3  0B  4 32RANGE(0 100)
 A            TEST2          3  0B  5 32RANGE(0 100)
 A            TEST3          3  0B  6 32RANGE(0 100)
 A            LABS           3  0B  7 32RANGE(0 30)
 A            EXAM           3  0B  8 32RANGE(0 100)
 A            FIELD           T  B  2 71

 A          R RECORD2                   CA03(03 'Exit')
 A                                      OVERLAY
 A                                 10 23'Tests:'
 A                                 11 18'Final Mark:'
 A                                 12 17'Final Grade:'
 A            TESTOVRLL      3  0O 10 30
 A            NUMGRADE       3  0O 11 30
 A            GRADE          2X  O 12 30
 A                                 13 17'F3 - Exit' 


  FMARKSDSP  CF   E             WORKSTN
 DLETGRADE         S              1A
 DTESTOVRLL        S              3A
       DOW NOT(*IN03);
               EXSR GETGRADE;
               WRITE RECORD1;
               EXFMT RECORD2;
               IF *IN03= *OFF;
                 EXSR CLEARMARKS;
                 EXFMT RECORD1;
       *INLR = *ON;
         LETGRADE = 'F';
         TESTOVRLL = (TEST1 + TEST2 + TEST3)/3;
         NUMGRADE = (TESTOVRLL/100*.30) + LABS +(EXAM/100*.35);
          TEST1 = 0;
          TEST2 = 0;
          TEST3 = 0;
          LABS = 0;
          EXAM = 0;
          TESTOVRLL = 0;

If you know of any useful resources for learning RPGLE and CLLE I'd appreciated it, and any additional insight and help would be great too!


  • In your DSPF member you say TESTOVRLL is a 3,0 field (3 digits, 0 decimals) but in your RPGLE member you define TESTOVRLL as a 3A (3 alpha characters) field. Just remove the D spec for TESTOVRLL in your RPGLE member and then recompile. Edit your question with your updated code and any error messages. – Benny Hill Feb 27 '13 at 22:37
  • @Benny Hill - When I removed the D spec for TESTOVRLL, I get the errors Expression contains an operand that is not defined, and The name or indicator TESTOVRLL is not defined – user1880970 Mar 5 '13 at 16:10
  • Put the D spec back in for TESTOVRLL but instead of defining it as a 3A, define it as 3 0 – Benny Hill Mar 5 '13 at 17:40
  • @Benny Hill - Ok, it worked. Thanks – user1880970 Mar 5 '13 at 18:38

In your RPGLE member you have the wrong name for your display file. You have MARKSRPG instead of MARKSDSP.

I don't see LETGRADE defined anywhere either, that should go in your D specs.

D LETGRADE           s            1a

I also don't see the subroutine CLEARMARKS defined anywhere. Since I also don't see an /end-free anywhere I'm going to assume you didn't paste all of the code for your RPGLE member.

Make those two changes I mentioned and then come back with any questions.

Here's a link to IBM's information center for the IBM i: http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/iseries/v6r1m0/index.jsp?topic=/rzasd/sc09250802.htm

  • Could you specify where I insert the line: D LETGRADE s 1a.... As i said I am unfamiliar with the syntax so I'm lost. – user1880970 Feb 14 '13 at 1:26
  • D-specs should follow your F-specs – WarrenT Feb 14 '13 at 1:48
  • I made the corrections to my code, but I'm still getting errors. first error is TESTOVRLL = (TEST1 + TEST2 + TEST3)/3; RNF7416: The types of the right and left hand side do not match in the EVAL operation. The second is NUMGRADE = (TESTOVRLL/100*.30) + LABS +(EXAM/100*.35); Operands are not compatible with the type of operator. – user1880970 Feb 23 '13 at 1:44
  • @mdzura117 - check your spelling: sometimes you use TESTOVRLL and sometimes you use TESTOVRALL. – Benny Hill Feb 25 '13 at 14:30
  • @Benny Hill Yes I corrected all the spelling that I can see but I'm still getting errors... Is there a way to paste all my code again? it won't fit in the comment box – user1880970 Feb 25 '13 at 18:46

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