I'm trying to set up a local svn to version control a really big project. Normally i have only used premade SVNs for school stuff, is it even possible to create a local svn folder that will keep track of changes.

I am using svnadmin create myrepo to create the repository, and then svn import home/dev/svntest file:///home/dev/myrepo to import the file there. However when I run that command a file called svn-commit.tmp is created with the following text in it:

"--This line, and those below, will be ignored--

A    hello.txt:///~myrepo/test1"

What am i doing wrong?


You're missing a commit message for your svn import. Add -m "Initial import of project svntest" to your svn import line.


Follow-up to @Mike

  1. Don't worry about this strange file, just test results of import
  2. Conventional layout of repo tree (/trunk+ /tags +/branches) from the beginning may have some benefits (i.e before import perform 3 mkdir and import into file:///home/dev/myrepo/trunk)
  3. You can always see at the repo and control results tree using svn ls -v -R file:///home/dev/myrepo command

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