I register in a software gateway, for each sale it send many data using IPN to my server, and I want to save all of them in database. Is there any quick way to save all POST data in a database without using SQL?

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    Nope. (Min chars limit sucks)
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  • use some frameworks components github.com/symfony/Form
    – Venu
    Commented Feb 14, 2013 at 12:42

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Well... its an odd way to be doing things for sure. But if you simply want to store "all post data" you might aswell use serialize($_POST); and store that in your database ( in a TEXT column).

When you read it from the database, use unserialize() to turn the data back into the original array.

I wouldn't recommend doing such a thing, but its what you asked.

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When using SafeMysql abstraction library you need to list your fields only once

$allowed = array('title','url','body','rating','term','type');
$data = $db->filterArray($_POST,$allowed);
$sql = "INSERT INTO ?n SET ?u";
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$str = serialize ($_POST)

Now you can store str in your database and when you need your values back just deserialize it again.

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