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I need use parameter arguments in jQuery function as my own element, not as default element. My code: I should call backbone superclass in $(window).load:

 MyController.__super__.scroll.apply(this, arguments);

I make something like this:

 var context = this;
 var contextArgs= arguments;
   MyController.__super__.scroll.apply(context , contextArgs);  //call backbone superclass

I don`t want to create new param 'context ' and 'contextArgs'. I can only prevent creation var context = this; by using Jquery.proxy:

 var contextArgs= arguments;
     $.proxy(function() {
         MyController.__super__.scroll.apply(this , contextArgs);

How prevent creation another param var contextArgs= arguments;

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You can pass in other arguments to proxy and they'll be available as arguments in the function:

        MyController.__super__.scroll.apply(this , contextArgs);
    },this, arguments)
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thanx so much :) – Alex Fill Feb 14 '13 at 14:00

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