I'm the author of printThis, a jquery plugin for printing.


I have a user that has brought up an issue, that I have been unable to crack and unfortunately, I am unable to share the page (privacy concerns).

On the user's site, the issue presents on some pages in IE, but not others. The print is failing to happen, as the iframe remains empty.

The error in IE is within jQuery:

contents: function (a) {
            return f.nodeName(a,
                "iframe") ? a.contentDocument || a.contentWindow.document : f.makeArray(a.childNodes)

Using logging, I was able to determine it was failing around this line:

var $doc = $("#" + strFrameName).contents();

But again, this only happens on some pages and I have been unable to recreate in any instance outside of this user's site.

My question: Is there a better approach here? or a method to make the $doc object more bulletproof?

// -----------------------------------------------------------------------
// printThis v1.1
// Printing plug-in for jQuery
// Resources (based on) :
//              jPrintArea: http://plugins.jquery.com/project/jPrintArea
//              jqPrint: https://github.com/permanenttourist/jquery.jqprint
//              Ben Nadal: http://www.bennadel.com/blog/1591-Ask-Ben-Print-Part-Of-A-Web-Page-With-jQuery.htm
// Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses:
//              http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php
//              http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html
// (c) Jason Day 2012
// Usage:
// $("#mySelector").printThis({
//      debug: false, //show the iframe for debugging
//      importCSS: true, // import page CSS
//      printContainer: true, // grab outer container as well as the contents of the selector
//      loadCSS: "path/to/my.css" //path to additional css file
//  });
// Notes:
//  - the loadCSS option does not need @media print

(function($) {
    var opt;

    $.fn.printThis = function (options) {
        opt = $.extend({}, $.fn.printThis.defaults, options);

        var $element = (this instanceof jQuery) ? this : $(this);

    // if Opera, open a new tab
        if ($.browser.opera)
            var tab = window.open("","Print Preview");

    // add dynamic iframe to DOM
        var strFrameName = ("printThis-" + (new Date()).getTime());

            var $iframe = $("<iframe id='" + strFrameName +"' src='about:blank'/>");

            if (!opt.debug) { $iframe.css({ position: "absolute", width: "0px", height: "0px", left: "-600px", top: "-600px" }); }


    // allow iframe to fully render before action
    setTimeout ( function () {

        if ($.browser.opera)
        var $doc = tab.document;
        } else
        var $doc = $("#" + strFrameName).contents();

        // import page css
        if (opt.importCSS)
                var href = $(this).attr('href');
                        var media = $(this).attr('media') || 'all';
                        $doc.find("head").append("<link type='text/css' rel='stylesheet' href='" + href + "' media='"+media+"'>");

        // add another stylesheet
        if (opt.loadCSS)
        $doc.find("head").append("<link type='text/css' rel='stylesheet' href='" + opt.loadCSS + "'>");


        //add title of the page
        if (opt.titlePage)
        //grab outer container
        if (opt.printContainer) { $doc.find("body").append($element.outer()); }
        else { $element.each( function() { $doc.find("body").append($(this).html()); }); }

        // print
        ($.browser.opera ? tab : $iframe[0].contentWindow).focus();
        setTimeout( function() { ($.browser.opera ? tab : $iframe[0].contentWindow).print(); if (tab) { tab.close(); } }, 1000);

        //removed iframe after 60 seconds
        (60 * 1000)
    }, 333 );

    $.fn.printThis.defaults = {
        debug: false, //show the iframe for debugging
        importCSS: true, // import page CSS
        printContainer: true, // grab outer container as well as the contents of the selector
        loadCSS: "", //path to additional css file
        titlePage: "" //add title to print page

    jQuery.fn.outer = function() {
      return $($('<div></div>').html(this.clone())).html();


Issue to due to document.domain

This type of page has document.domain set and IE does not inherit document.domain from the parent.

To fix that portion, I changed the iframe creation to standard javascript and set the source to write document.domain on iframe creation.

    var printI= document.createElement('iframe');

    printI.name = "printIframe";

    printI.id = strFrameName;


    printI.src = "javascript:document.write('<head><script>document.domain=\"mydomain.com\";</script></head><body></body>')";

   var $iframe = $("#" + strFrameName);

So this fixes the access denied, however now the frame won't print. I've tried a lot of different methods for accessing the object, however none of them are working.

A) how would you access the frame in this scenario (i've tried most of the methods outlined on SO) to get IE to recognize and print


B) can anyone think of a better way to get the document.domain into the iframe on creation with jQuery? (can't be afterwards, as the access denied issue will come up)

  • Are all pages in the same domain/sub-domain? – Christophe Feb 14 '13 at 16:33
  • @Christophe - yes. All pages are within the same domain. The print isn't working specifically on one type of page, but works on all others. – Jason Feb 14 '13 at 16:56
  • 1
    Might be helpful: stackoverflow.com/questions/364952/… – JSuar Feb 18 '13 at 0:46
  • also check if your script user use same version of jQuery or not, sometimes different version of jQuery break things down, i have experienced this once when i try to upgrade my jQuery to the latest version, and a few things just break down, so i just revert to the old one – am05mhz Feb 21 '13 at 9:09
  • @am05mhz - unfortunately, it's not the jquery version. I've tested all versions back to 1.4.2 – Jason Feb 21 '13 at 15:13

In your code, you are using setTimeout to execute your function after the iframe has loaded.

// allow iframe to fully render before action
setTimeout ( function () {
}, 333 );  //333ms

but this is a mistake as you don't know if the time given is enough to load the iframe or not. Javascript execution is asynchronous so, there is no guarantee that setTimeout will offset the execution of the function until iframe loads. Since load time is different for different pages. Some cannot execute the code properly, pointing to the line which you find to be causing errors.

var $doc = $("#" + strFrameName).contents();  //only after loading

The correct way is to use event load or onload to get to know if the DOM object has loaded properly or not.

document.getElementById("myframe").onload = function() {
  alert("myframe is loaded");
<iframe id="myFrame" onload="myFunction();"></iframe>

As long as you set iframe src, the same origin has to be verified against parent element, even if you set it as 'about:blank'. I guess IE fails in proper checkng, or some javascript ran and set the document.location to different one than the iframe is created.

How about NOT setting src at all like the following? it still should work.

var $iframe = $("<iframe id='" + strFrameName +"'/>");
var $iframeDoc = $iframe[0].contentWindow.document;

  • see update above. – Jason Feb 24 '13 at 21:05
  • This helped me with a similar issue - I wasn't able to get the iframe body element until I did $('iframe')[0].contentWindow.document.open(). – Mark Oct 17 '13 at 3:25
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Issue is due to IE not inheriting the parent document.domain.

Unfortunately, once you get into this murky area, it took some specific hacks to get this to work properly.

Basically doing a check for if document.domain is being explicitly set and the browser is IE.

Full updated plugin:


(function ($) {
    var opt;
    $.fn.printThis = function (options) {
        opt = $.extend({}, $.fn.printThis.defaults, options);
        var $element = this instanceof jQuery ? this : $(this);

            var strFrameName = "printThis-" + (new Date()).getTime();

            if(window.location.hostname !== document.domain && navigator.userAgent.match(/msie/i)){
                // Ugly IE hacks due to IE not inheriting document.domain from parent
                // checks if document.domain is set by comparing the host name against document.domain
                var iframeSrc = "javascript:document.write(\"<head><script>document.domain=\\\"" + document.domain + "\\\";</script></head><body></body>\")";
                var printI= document.createElement('iframe');
                printI.name = "printIframe";
                printI.id = strFrameName;
                printI.className = "MSIE";
                printI.src = iframeSrc;

            } else {
                 // other browsers inherit document.domain, and IE works if document.domain is not explicitly set
                var $frame = $("<iframe id='" + strFrameName +"' name='printIframe' />");

            var $iframe = $("#" + strFrameName);

            // show frame if in debug mode
            if (!opt.debug) $iframe.css({
                position: "absolute",
                width: "0px",
                height: "0px",
                left: "-600px",
                top: "-600px"

        // $iframe.ready() and $iframe.load were inconsistent between browsers    
        setTimeout ( function () {

            var $doc = $iframe.contents();

            // import page stylesheets
            if (opt.importCSS) $("link[rel=stylesheet]").each(function () {
                var href = $(this).attr("href");
                if (href) {
                    var media = $(this).attr("media") || "all";
                    $doc.find("head").append("<link type='text/css' rel='stylesheet' href='" + href + "' media='" + media + "'>")

            //add title to iframe
            if (opt.pageTitle) $doc.find("head").append("<title>" + opt.pageTitle + "</title>");

            // import additional stylesheet
            if (opt.loadCSS) $doc.find("head").append("<link type='text/css' rel='stylesheet' href='" + opt.loadCSS + "'>");

            // grab $.selector as container
            if (opt.printContainer) $doc.find("body").append($element.outer());

            // otherwise just print interior elements of container
            else $element.each(function () {

                // check if the iframe was created with the ugly hack
                // and perform another ugly hack out of neccessity
                setTimeout(function () {
                   $doc.find("head").append("<script>  window.print(); </script>");
                }, 500 );
            } else {
                // proper method

             //remove iframe after print
            if (!opt.debug) {
                setTimeout(function () {
                }, 1000);

        }, 333 );


    // defaults
    $.fn.printThis.defaults = {
        debug: false,           // show the iframe for debugging
        importCSS: true,        // import parent page css
        printContainer: true,   // print outer container/$.selector
        loadCSS: "",            // load an additional css file
        pageTitle: ""           // add title to print page

    // $.selector container
    jQuery.fn.outer = function () {
        return $($("<div></div>").html(this.clone())).html()

IE works with iframe like all the other browsers (at least for main functions). You just have to keep a set of rules:

  • before you load any javascript in the iframe (that part of js which needs to know about the iframe parent), ensure that the parent has document.domain changed.
  • when all iframe resources are loaded, change document.domain to be the same as the one defined in parent. (You need to do this later because setting domain will cause the iframe resource's request to fail)

  • now you can make a reference for parent window: var winn = window.parent

  • now you can make a reference to parent HTML, in order to manipulate it: var parentContent = $('html', winn.document)
  • at this point you should have access to IE parent window/document and you can change it as you wont
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    Please don't copy/paste the same answer to multiple questions. Instead, each answer should be customized to the specific question being asked instead of a generic copy and paste. – Andy Feb 21 '16 at 17:18

This answer has already been stated in the original question UPDATE, but I wanted add a more succinct answer to the original question related to getting around the SCRIPT70 Permission denied error (I ran into this on IE11/Win7 with JQuery 3.2.1).

Instead of $('<iframe .../>').appendTo($('body'))

Do this:

var $iframe = $('<iframe .../>');

Answer taken from here: https://bugs.jquery.com/ticket/13936#comment:28

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