i am trying use the Grails wkhtmltopdf plugin (https://github.com/quorak/grails-wkhtmltopdf), but i can't get a rendered pdf file. Only the gsp template is shown instead.

What I have done so far:

This is the link, which calls the action in the Controller:

<g:link action="downloadQuestionnaire" id="${questionnaireInstance?.id}">Download questionnaire</g:link>

This is the action in the Controller:

def downloadQuestionnaire = {
    def questionnaire = Questionnaire.get(params.id) 

    render( filename:"File ${questionnaire.id}.pdf",
    model:[questionnaireInstance: questionnaire],

_questionnaire.gsp is the template, which should be rendered as pdf.

In config.groovy

grails.plugin.wkhtmltox.binary = "/usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf"

and i checked, that wkhtmltopdf ist working correctly.

To my understanding of the wkhtmltopdf plugin, the template _questionnaire.gsp should be rendered as pdf available to download. But in my case, the gsp-template is shown with the data of the questionnaireInstance. There are no error messages at all.

Any ideas, how to get the pdf output?


add pdf: 'application/x-pdf' to grails.mime.types in Config.groovy

grails.mime.types = [
    all: '*/*',
    pdf: 'application/x-pdf'

and try to call controller/action.pdf or custom your g:link tag into this

<g:link action="downloadQuestionnaire" id="${questionnaireInstance?.id}.pdf">Download questionnaire</g:link>

hope it help.

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