In my project I have this method in my view:

public function elegirSeleccionados(){
    $this->assignRef('pagination', $this->get('pagination'));
    $this->assignRef('items', $this->get('recientes'));
    $this->assignRef('list', $this->get('list'));

assignRef is deprecated / removed in this Joomla 3.

What should I use instead?


assignRef() and assign() are not needed anymore, since Joomla 1.6+ requires at least PHP 5.2 (PHP5 uses assign by reference).

Use in view.html.php

$this->pagination = $this->get('pagination')

and in the template just call $this->pagination.

To get your skills up to date check the official Joomla! Documentation


txs for this, but in my view (default.tpl) zeh val will not been shown


$this->my_string = "ledl";
return parent::display($tpl);


  • The extension should be .php not .tpl If you want to use .tpl, you have to set a different erxtension with $this->setLayoutExt('tpl') – dBlaze Oct 3 at 12:41

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