Is there a way to batch download the bibtex data from Google Scholar or somewhere esle?

I tried a few GS Scrapers, e.g.,

But none of them can download the bibtex files. A mysterious scisig key is need to fetch the file.

I also tried Jabref. It can get the bibtex files in bulk. But the advanced search features in GS are all disabled.

Thanks for any pointers.

I updated with this functionality. See

$ ./ "Alan Turing Entscheidungsproblem" --bibtex --count 1

  title={On computable numbers, with an application to the Entscheidungsproblem},
  author={Turing, Alan M},
  journal={Proceedings of the London mathematical society},
  publisher={London, UK}


You can use Mendely for batch download of bibtex provided that you maintain a repository of papers using this software

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