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I have an assignment and I have no idea when it comes to managing files, reading and writing. Here's my main problem:

I have a script that manages a address book, at the moment the menu is finished, functions are being used but I don't know how to search or write a file.

The first "option" gives the user the option (duh!) to search the address book by the contact name. The pattern I want to use is something along the lines of "name:address:email:phone", letting the user to put Spaces in the name, address but not email nor phone, and only numbers in the last one. I believe I could achieve this with Regular Expressions, which I understand a bit from Java lessons.

How can I do this, then? I know grep may be useful, but I don' know of the parameters even after reading the man pages. Parsing line by line could be done with for line in $(file) but still not sure.

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If you're allowed to use grep, then you probably may use awk, and that's what I would prefer for most parts of your assignment.

Looking up a contact by name:

awk -v name="Anton Kovalenko" -F: '$1==name' "$file"
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Here's one way to do it:

grep "^something" $file | while read line 
    echo $line;   #do whatever you want with your $line here
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No cat is needed. You can grep '^Something' file. Also, the $(file) is probably wrong. – choroba Feb 15 '13 at 12:31
Already edited. Thanks. – Majid Laissi Feb 15 '13 at 12:42

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