I get this message when I try to print the following line while analysing a core dump.

(gdb) p/x *($esi)
Cannot access memory at address 0xe6d3a030

I mention that the address pointed by %esi (0xe6d3a030) should point to some valid allocated data. ( when I run this program myself and break on the same instruction this print has some meaningful information )

What are the possible causes for this? Am I missing some info from the core dump?

If yes what information am I missing? Shouldn't the core dump contain a snapshot of all the allocated memory?

edit: when I use in gdb "maintenance info sections" command while the coredump is loaded I get the info presented bellow. I can see that the address 0xe6d3a030 is in the range 0xe6d00000->0xe6dfb000 at 0x0f5aa000: load93 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS Doesn't this mean it was loaded?

(gdb) maintenance info sections 
Exec file:
    `/home/Administrator/Documents/coredump/myproc-debug-8.1.bin', file type elf32-i386.
    0x8048134->0x8048147 at 0x00000134: .interp ALLOC LOAD READONLY DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x8048148->0x8048168 at 0x00000148: .note.ABI-tag ALLOC LOAD READONLY DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x8048168->0x804818c at 0x00000168: .note.gnu.build-id ALLOC LOAD READONLY DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x804818c->0x80acd94 at 0x0000018c: .gnu.hash ALLOC LOAD READONLY DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x80acd94->0x8180d14 at 0x00064d94: .dynsym ALLOC LOAD READONLY DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x8180d14->0x839a757 at 0x00138d14: .dynstr ALLOC LOAD READONLY DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x839a758->0x83b4f48 at 0x00352758: .gnu.version ALLOC LOAD READONLY DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x83b4f48->0x83b50c8 at 0x0036cf48: .gnu.version_r ALLOC LOAD READONLY DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x83b50c8->0x83b5150 at 0x0036d0c8: .rel.dyn ALLOC LOAD READONLY DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x83b5150->0x83b5950 at 0x0036d150: .rel.plt ALLOC LOAD READONLY DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x83b5950->0x83b5980 at 0x0036d950: .init ALLOC LOAD READONLY CODE HAS_CONTENTS
    0x83b5980->0x83b6990 at 0x0036d980: .plt ALLOC LOAD READONLY CODE HAS_CONTENTS
    0x83b6990->0x8d9771c at 0x0036e990: .text ALLOC LOAD READONLY CODE HAS_CONTENTS
    0x8d9771c->0x8d97738 at 0x00d4f71c: .fini ALLOC LOAD READONLY CODE HAS_CONTENTS
    0x8d97740->0x904ef6a at 0x00d4f740: .rodata ALLOC LOAD READONLY DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x904ef6c->0x9099588 at 0x01006f6c: .eh_frame_hdr ALLOC LOAD READONLY DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x9099588->0x92015b4 at 0x01051588: .eh_frame ALLOC LOAD READONLY DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x92015b4->0x923e63a at 0x011b95b4: .gcc_except_table ALLOC LOAD READONLY DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x923f63c->0x923fbe8 at 0x011f663c: .ctors ALLOC LOAD DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x923fbe8->0x923fbf0 at 0x011f6be8: .dtors ALLOC LOAD DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x923fbf0->0x923fbf4 at 0x011f6bf0: .jcr ALLOC LOAD DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x923fbf4->0x923fce4 at 0x011f6bf4: .dynamic ALLOC LOAD DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x923fce4->0x923fce8 at 0x011f6ce4: .got ALLOC LOAD DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x923fce8->0x92400f4 at 0x011f6ce8: .got.plt ALLOC LOAD DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x9240100->0x929032c at 0x011f7100: .data ALLOC LOAD DATA HAS_CONTENTS
    0x9290340->0x9302aa8 at 0x0124732c: .bss ALLOC
    0x0000->0x0087 at 0x0124732c: .comment READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x19810 at 0x012473b3: .debug_aranges READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x1b9b06 at 0x01260bc3: .debug_pubnames READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x1666e04 at 0x0141a6c9: .debug_info READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x18736b at 0x02a814cd: .debug_abbrev READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x2f1118 at 0x02c08838: .debug_line READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x1f9f4 at 0x02ef9950: .debug_frame READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x321836 at 0x02f19344: .debug_str READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x3b2f6e at 0x0323ab7a: .debug_loc READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x115b29 at 0x035edae8: .debug_pubtypes READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x48290 at 0x03703611: .debug_ranges READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
Core file:
    `/home/Administrator/Documents/coredump/core.myproc.20815', file type elf32-i386.
    0x0000->0x7eb4 at 0x000016f4: note0 READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00001750: .reg/21153 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00001750: .reg HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x00a0 at 0x0000183c: .auxv HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x000018f0: .reg2/21153 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x000018f0: .reg2 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00001970: .reg-xfp/21153 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00001970: .reg-xfp HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00001c10: .reg/21158 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00001c6c: .reg2/21158 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00001cec: .reg-xfp/21158 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00001f8c: .reg/20924 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00001fe8: .reg2/20924 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00002068: .reg-xfp/20924 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00002308: .reg/21205 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00002364: .reg2/21205 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x000023e4: .reg-xfp/21205 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00002684: .reg/21204 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x000026e0: .reg2/21204 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00002760: .reg-xfp/21204 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00002a00: .reg/21156 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00002a5c: .reg2/21156 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00002adc: .reg-xfp/21156 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00002d7c: .reg/21201 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00002dd8: .reg2/21201 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00002e58: .reg-xfp/21201 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x000030f8: .reg/21157 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00003154: .reg2/21157 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x000031d4: .reg-xfp/21157 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00003474: .reg/21150 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x000034d0: .reg2/21150 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00003550: .reg-xfp/21150 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x000037f0: .reg/21203 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x0000384c: .reg2/21203 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x000038cc: .reg-xfp/21203 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00003b6c: .reg/21200 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00003bc8: .reg2/21200 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00003c48: .reg-xfp/21200 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00003ee8: .reg/21154 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00003f44: .reg2/21154 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00003fc4: .reg-xfp/21154 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00004264: .reg/21202 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x000042c0: .reg2/21202 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00004340: .reg-xfp/21202 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x000045e0: .reg/20830 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x0000463c: .reg2/20830 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x000046bc: .reg-xfp/20830 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x0000495c: .reg/20917 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x000049b8: .reg2/20917 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00004a38: .reg-xfp/20917 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00004cd8: .reg/22600 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00004d34: .reg2/22600 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00004db4: .reg-xfp/22600 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00005054: .reg/20928 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x000050b0: .reg2/20928 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00005130: .reg-xfp/20928 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x000053d0: .reg/21258 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x0000542c: .reg2/21258 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x000054ac: .reg-xfp/21258 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x0000574c: .reg/20918 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x000057a8: .reg2/20918 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00005828: .reg-xfp/20918 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00005ac8: .reg/20915 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00005b24: .reg2/20915 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00005ba4: .reg-xfp/20915 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00005e44: .reg/20923 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00005ea0: .reg2/20923 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00005f20: .reg-xfp/20923 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x000061c0: .reg/21206 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x0000621c: .reg2/21206 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x0000629c: .reg-xfp/21206 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x0000653c: .reg/21160 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00006598: .reg2/21160 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00006618: .reg-xfp/21160 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x000068b8: .reg/21151 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00006914: .reg2/21151 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00006994: .reg-xfp/21151 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00006c34: .reg/22042 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00006c90: .reg2/22042 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00006d10: .reg-xfp/22042 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00006fb0: .reg/20929 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x0000700c: .reg2/20929 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x0000708c: .reg-xfp/20929 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x0000732c: .reg/20925 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00007388: .reg2/20925 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00007408: .reg-xfp/20925 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x000076a8: .reg/20919 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00007704: .reg2/20919 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00007784: .reg-xfp/20919 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00007a24: .reg/21159 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00007a80: .reg2/21159 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00007b00: .reg-xfp/21159 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00007da0: .reg/21155 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00007dfc: .reg2/21155 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00007e7c: .reg-xfp/21155 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x0000811c: .reg/20815 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00008178: .reg2/20815 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x000081f8: .reg-xfp/20815 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00008498: .reg/21165 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x000084f4: .reg2/21165 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00008574: .reg-xfp/21165 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00008814: .reg/20920 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00008870: .reg2/20920 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x000088f0: .reg-xfp/20920 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00008b90: .reg/20921 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00008bec: .reg2/20921 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00008c6c: .reg-xfp/20921 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00008f0c: .reg/21216 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x00008f68: .reg2/21216 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00008fe8: .reg-xfp/21216 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0044 at 0x00009288: .reg/21189 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x006c at 0x000092e4: .reg2/21189 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x0000->0x0200 at 0x00009364: .reg-xfp/21189 HAS_CONTENTS
    0x742000->0x743000 at 0x0000a000: load1a ALLOC LOAD READONLY CODE HAS_CONTENTS
    0x743000->0x743000 at 0x0000b000: load1b ALLOC READONLY CODE
    0x760000->0x761000 at 0x0000b000: load2 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0x761000->0x762000 at 0x0000c000: load3 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0x764000->0x765000 at 0x0000d000: load4a ALLOC LOAD READONLY CODE HAS_CONTENTS
    0x765000->0x765000 at 0x0000e000: load4b ALLOC READONLY CODE
    0x8ed000->0x8ed000 at 0x0000e000: load5 ALLOC READONLY
    0x8ee000->0x8f0000 at 0x0000e000: load6 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0x8f0000->0x8f1000 at 0x00010000: load7 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0x8f1000->0x8f4000 at 0x00011000: load8 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0x8f6000->0x8f7000 at 0x00014000: load9a ALLOC LOAD READONLY CODE HAS_CONTENTS
    0x8f7000->0x8f7000 at 0x00015000: load9b ALLOC READONLY CODE
    0x90d000->0x90e000 at 0x00015000: load10 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0x90e000->0x90f000 at 0x00016000: load11 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0x90f000->0x911000 at 0x00017000: load12 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0x913000->0x914000 at 0x00019000: load13a ALLOC LOAD READONLY CODE HAS_CONTENTS
    0x914000->0x914000 at 0x0001a000: load13b ALLOC READONLY CODE
    0x93b000->0x93c000 at 0x0001a000: load14 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0x93c000->0x93d000 at 0x0001b000: load15 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0x93f000->0x940000 at 0x0001c000: load16a ALLOC LOAD READONLY CODE HAS_CONTENTS
    0x940000->0x940000 at 0x0001d000: load16b ALLOC READONLY CODE
    0xa20000->0xa24000 at 0x0001d000: load17 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xa24000->0xa26000 at 0x00021000: load18 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xa26000->0xa2c000 at 0x00023000: load19 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xa2e000->0xa2f000 at 0x00029000: load20a ALLOC LOAD READONLY CODE HAS_CONTENTS
    0xa2f000->0xa2f000 at 0x0002a000: load20b ALLOC READONLY CODE
    0xa4b000->0xa4c000 at 0x0002a000: load21 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xa4e000->0xa4f000 at 0x0002b000: load22a ALLOC LOAD READONLY CODE HAS_CONTENTS
    0xa4f000->0xa4f000 at 0x0002c000: load22b ALLOC READONLY CODE
    0xa55000->0xa56000 at 0x0002c000: load23 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xa56000->0xa57000 at 0x0002d000: load24 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xd68000->0xd69000 at 0x0002e000: load25 ALLOC LOAD READONLY CODE HAS_CONTENTS
    0x8048000->0x8049000 at 0x0002f000: load26a ALLOC LOAD READONLY CODE HAS_CONTENTS
    0x8049000->0x8049000 at 0x00030000: load26b ALLOC READONLY CODE
    0x923f000->0x9291000 at 0x00030000: load27 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0x9291000->0x9303000 at 0x00082000: load28 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0x9303000->0x9303000 at 0x000f4000: load29 ALLOC
    0xa5b6000->0x11091000 at 0x000f4000: load30 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xdcf00000->0xdcf4a000 at 0x06bcf000: load31 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xdcf4a000->0xdcf4a000 at 0x06c19000: load32 ALLOC READONLY
    0xdd100000->0xdd138000 at 0x06c19000: load33 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xdd138000->0xdd138000 at 0x06c51000: load34 ALLOC READONLY
    0xdd2f4000->0xdd2f5000 at 0x06c51000: load35 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xdd2f5000->0xddffe000 at 0x06c52000: load36 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xddffe000->0xddfff000 at 0x0795b000: load37 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xddfff000->0xde9ff000 at 0x0795c000: load38 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xde9ff000->0xdea00000 at 0x0835c000: load39 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xdea00000->0xdf400000 at 0x0835d000: load40 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xdf400000->0xdf462000 at 0x08d5d000: load41 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xdf462000->0xdf462000 at 0x08dbf000: load42 ALLOC READONLY
    0xdf500000->0xdf521000 at 0x08dbf000: load43 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xdf521000->0xdf521000 at 0x08de0000: load44 ALLOC READONLY
    0xdf600000->0xdf641000 at 0x08de0000: load45 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xdf641000->0xdf641000 at 0x08e21000: load46 ALLOC READONLY
    0xdf7ff000->0xdf800000 at 0x08e21000: load47 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xdf800000->0xe0200000 at 0x08e22000: load48 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe0200000->0xe0221000 at 0x09822000: load49 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe0221000->0xe0221000 at 0x09843000: load50 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe0300000->0xe0321000 at 0x09843000: load51 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe0321000->0xe0321000 at 0x09864000: load52 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe0400000->0xe0421000 at 0x09864000: load53 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe0421000->0xe0421000 at 0x09885000: load54 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe0500000->0xe0521000 at 0x09885000: load55 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe0521000->0xe0521000 at 0x098a6000: load56 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe0600000->0xe0621000 at 0x098a6000: load57 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe0621000->0xe0621000 at 0x098c7000: load58 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe0700000->0xe0742000 at 0x098c7000: load59 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe0742000->0xe0742000 at 0x09909000: load60 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe0800000->0xe0821000 at 0x09909000: load61 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe0821000->0xe0821000 at 0x0992a000: load62 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe09ff000->0xe0a00000 at 0x0992a000: load63 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe0a00000->0xe1400000 at 0x0992b000: load64 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe1400000->0xe1438000 at 0x0a32b000: load65 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe1438000->0xe1438000 at 0x0a363000: load66 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe15fc000->0xe15fd000 at 0x0a363000: load67 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe15fd000->0xe1ffd000 at 0x0a364000: load68 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe1ffd000->0xe1ffe000 at 0x0ad64000: load69 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe1ffe000->0xe29fe000 at 0x0ad65000: load70 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe29fe000->0xe29ff000 at 0x0b765000: load71 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe29ff000->0xe33ff000 at 0x0b766000: load72 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe33ff000->0xe3400000 at 0x0c166000: load73 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe3400000->0xe3e00000 at 0x0c167000: load74 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe3e00000->0xe3ebc000 at 0x0cb67000: load75 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe3ebc000->0xe3ebc000 at 0x0cc23000: load76 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe3ffd000->0xe3ffe000 at 0x0cc23000: load77 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe3ffe000->0xe49fe000 at 0x0cc24000: load78 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe49fe000->0xe49ff000 at 0x0d624000: load79 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe49ff000->0xe53ff000 at 0x0d625000: load80 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe53ff000->0xe5400000 at 0x0e025000: load81 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe5400000->0xe5e00000 at 0x0e026000: load82 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe5e00000->0xe5efd000 at 0x0ea26000: load83 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe5efd000->0xe5efd000 at 0x0eb23000: load84 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe5f00000->0xe5f21000 at 0x0eb23000: load85 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe5f21000->0xe5f21000 at 0x0eb44000: load86 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe6000000->0xe6044000 at 0x0eb44000: load87 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe6044000->0xe6044000 at 0x0eb88000: load88 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe61ff000->0xe6200000 at 0x0eb88000: load89 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe6200000->0xe6c00000 at 0x0eb89000: load90 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe6c00000->0xe6c21000 at 0x0f589000: load91 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe6c21000->0xe6c21000 at 0x0f5aa000: load92 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe6d00000->0xe6dfb000 at 0x0f5aa000: load93 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe6dfb000->0xe6dfb000 at 0x0f6a5000: load94 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe6e00000->0xe6e21000 at 0x0f6a5000: load95 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe6e21000->0xe6e21000 at 0x0f6c6000: load96 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe6f00000->0xe6f21000 at 0x0f6c6000: load97 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe6f21000->0xe6f21000 at 0x0f6e7000: load98 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe7000000->0xe7021000 at 0x0f6e7000: load99 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe7021000->0xe7021000 at 0x0f708000: load100 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe7100000->0xe7137000 at 0x0f708000: load101 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe7137000->0xe7137000 at 0x0f73f000: load102 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe7200000->0xe7221000 at 0x0f73f000: load103 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe7221000->0xe7221000 at 0x0f760000: load104 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe7300000->0xe7321000 at 0x0f760000: load105 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe7321000->0xe7321000 at 0x0f781000: load106 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe7400000->0xe7421000 at 0x0f781000: load107 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe7421000->0xe7421000 at 0x0f7a2000: load108 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe75ff000->0xe7600000 at 0x0f7a2000: load109 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe7600000->0xe8000000 at 0x0f7a3000: load110 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe8000000->0xe8100000 at 0x101a3000: load111 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe8100000->0xe8121000 at 0x102a3000: load112 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe8121000->0xe8121000 at 0x102c4000: load113 ALLOC READONLY
    0xe8200000->0xe8300000 at 0x102c4000: load114 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe83f6000->0xe83f7000 at 0x103c4000: load115 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe83f7000->0xe8df7000 at 0x103c5000: load116 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe8df7000->0xe8df8000 at 0x10dc5000: load117 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe8df8000->0xe97f8000 at 0x10dc6000: load118 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe97f8000->0xe97f9000 at 0x117c6000: load119 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xe97f9000->0xea1f9000 at 0x117c7000: load120 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xea1f9000->0xea1fa000 at 0x121c7000: load121 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xea1fa000->0xeabfa000 at 0x121c8000: load122 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xeabfa000->0xeabfb000 at 0x12bc8000: load123 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xeabfb000->0xeb5fb000 at 0x12bc9000: load124 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xeb5fb000->0xeb5fc000 at 0x135c9000: load125 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xeb5fc000->0xebffc000 at 0x135ca000: load126 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xebffc000->0xebffd000 at 0x13fca000: load127 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xebffd000->0xec9fd000 at 0x13fcb000: load128 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xec9fd000->0xec9fe000 at 0x149cb000: load129 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xec9fe000->0xed3fe000 at 0x149cc000: load130 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xed3fe000->0xed3ff000 at 0x153cc000: load131 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xed3ff000->0xeddff000 at 0x153cd000: load132 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xeddff000->0xede00000 at 0x15dcd000: load133 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xede00000->0xee800000 at 0x15dce000: load134 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xee800000->0xeea00000 at 0x167ce000: load135 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xeea00000->0xeea2b000 at 0x169ce000: load136 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xeea2b000->0xeea2b000 at 0x169f9000: load137 ALLOC READONLY
    0xeeb00000->0xeeb2c000 at 0x169f9000: load138 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xeeb2c000->0xeeb2c000 at 0x16a25000: load139 ALLOC READONLY
    0xeec00000->0xeec21000 at 0x16a25000: load140 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xeec21000->0xeec21000 at 0x16a46000: load141 ALLOC READONLY
    0xeed64000->0xeedfb000 at 0x16a46000: load142 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xeedfb000->0xeedfc000 at 0x16add000: load143 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xeedfc000->0xef7fc000 at 0x16ade000: load144 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xef7fc000->0xef7fd000 at 0x174de000: load145 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xef7fd000->0xf01fd000 at 0x174df000: load146 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf01fd000->0xf01fe000 at 0x17edf000: load147 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf01fe000->0xf0bfe000 at 0x17ee0000: load148 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf0bfe000->0xf0bff000 at 0x188e0000: load149 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf0bff000->0xf15ff000 at 0x188e1000: load150 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf15ff000->0xf1600000 at 0x192e1000: load151 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf1600000->0xf2000000 at 0x192e2000: load152 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf2000000->0xf2100000 at 0x19ce2000: load153 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf2100000->0xf2121000 at 0x19de2000: load154 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf2121000->0xf2121000 at 0x19e03000: load155 ALLOC READONLY
    0xf2200000->0xf2221000 at 0x19e03000: load156 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf2221000->0xf2221000 at 0x19e24000: load157 ALLOC READONLY
    0xf234d000->0xf23fd000 at 0x19e24000: load158 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf23fd000->0xf23fe000 at 0x19ed4000: load159 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf23fe000->0xf2dfe000 at 0x19ed5000: load160 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf2dfe000->0xf2dff000 at 0x1a8d5000: load161 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf2dff000->0xf37ff000 at 0x1a8d6000: load162 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf37ff000->0xf3800000 at 0x1b2d6000: load163 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf3800000->0xf4200000 at 0x1b2d7000: load164 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf4200000->0xf4221000 at 0x1bcd7000: load165 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf4221000->0xf4221000 at 0x1bcf8000: load166 ALLOC READONLY
    0xf4349000->0xf43fd000 at 0x1bcf8000: load167 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf43fd000->0xf43fe000 at 0x1bdac000: load168 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf43fe000->0xf4dfe000 at 0x1bdad000: load169 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf4dfe000->0xf4dff000 at 0x1c7ad000: load170 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf4dff000->0xf57ff000 at 0x1c7ae000: load171 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf57ff000->0xf5800000 at 0x1d1ae000: load172 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf5800000->0xf6200000 at 0x1d1af000: load173 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf6200000->0xf6300000 at 0x1dbaf000: load174 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf6339000->0xf6366000 at 0x1dcaf000: load175 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf6366000->0xf6367000 at 0x1dcdc000: load176 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf6367000->0xf6d67000 at 0x1dcdd000: load177 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf6d67000->0xf6d68000 at 0x1e6dd000: load178 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf6d68000->0xf77ae000 at 0x1e6de000: load179 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xf77b7000->0xf77bb000 at 0x1f124000: load180 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
    0xfff0b000->0xfff21000 at 0x1f128000: load181 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
  • I'm not a core-dump guru, but I'd say if there is content for that area in your core file, it should stand at offset 0x0f5aa000 in the core file. Could that be some in-kernel buffers that have been somehow extracted (you seem to have a whole lot of them) or maybe you're running your 32-bit executable on a 64-bit system, which could therefore allow it to use full 4GB of virtual adresses rather than the usual 3GB.
    – PypeBros
    Feb 19, 2013 at 10:11
  • @sylvainulg Yes, the 32bit excutable is ran on a 64 bit system and also I inspect the credump on a 64bit machine.
    – George
    Feb 19, 2013 at 11:31
  • you are probably missing some libs. 1. in gdb get libs with info sharedlibrary 2. copy those libs to your host 3. do set solib-absolute-prefix $pathToLibsRoot in gdb before loading core file.
    – quant2016
    Sep 1, 2021 at 20:23

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that looks like an in-kernel memory reference to me (above 0xc0000000, assuming Linux and 32-bit process). To find out, check out /proc/{yourpid}/maps

Shouldn't the core dump contain a snapshot of all the allocated memory?

It should, but if something has corrupted your process' memory, you've got a snapshot of corrupted program state, and thus some garbage may be found where valid pointers are expected.

What are the possible causes for this? Am I missing some info from the core dump?

I note that when running a 32-bit executable on a 64-bit system, the full 4GB address space can be used by the process. e.g.

ia32kernel# pmap `pidof cat` 
004e8000    108K r-x--  /lib/ld-2.11.1.so
00503000      4K r----  /lib/ld-2.11.1.so
00504000      4K rw---  /lib/ld-2.11.1.so
006d3000   1380K r-x--  /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libc-2.11.1.so
0082c000      8K r----  /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libc-2.11.1.so
0082e000      4K rw---  /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libc-2.11.1.so
0082f000     12K rw---    [ anon ]
00f64000      4K r-x--    [ anon ]
08048000     48K r-x--  /bin/cat
08054000      4K r----  /bin/cat
08055000      4K rw---  /bin/cat


amd64kernel# pmap `pidof cat` 
0000000008048000     48K r-x--  /home/martin/cat
0000000008054000      4K r----  /home/martin/cat
0000000008055000      4K rw---  /home/martin/cat
0000000009e1d000    132K rw---    [ anon ]
00000000f766c000      4K rw---    [ anon ]
00000000f766d000   1280K r-x--  /lib32/libc-2.11.3.so
00000000f77ad000      4K -----  /lib32/libc-2.11.3.so
00000000f77ae000      8K r----  /lib32/libc-2.11.3.so
00000000f77b0000      4K rw---  /lib32/libc-2.11.3.so
00000000f77b1000     12K rw---    [ anon ]
00000000f77c0000      8K rw---    [ anon ]
00000000f77c2000      4K r-x--    [ anon ]
00000000f77c3000    112K r-x--  /lib32/ld-2.11.3.so
00000000f77df000      4K r----  /lib32/ld-2.11.3.so
00000000f77e0000      4K rw---  /lib32/ld-2.11.3.so

So if you're trying to inspect on a 32-bit machine a coredump that was captured on a 64-bit machine, those high-addresses libraries such as libc.so can't be mapped as expected even though the same 32-bit binary is used on both systems.


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