For cakePHP routing, I understand that if you do

    array('action' => 'view'),
    array('id' => '[0-9]+')

That would map to any urls that are,

but how about mapping urls that are

For ex:

and in my create function in Classes controller,

it will receive parameter $id, which is 3 in this case, and $count, which is 2 in this case,

public function create( $id, $count ) {
    // i can here create a total number of $count students
    // and assign them class_id $id

    // so  student1.class_id = 3
    // and student2.class_id = 3

And I tried,

    array('id' => '[0-9]+'),
    array('count' => '[0-9]{,2}')

It didn't work for me.

In order for Cake to pass id and count to your controller action, you have to make the route know they are passed arguments. To do so, include them in the pass array in the last option in the order you want them to be passed.

You were also missing :count in your route, so it wouldn't be matched if you passed a count.

Your new route should look like this:

  'pass' => array('id', 'count'),
  'id' => '[0-9]+',
      'count' => '[0-9]{,2}'
  • My get value is like this /android-atc-training-certification-courses. Just after main url. then how can I achieve this...? – GYaN Jul 10 '17 at 6:09

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