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I have the following indexed documents in my Solr 4.0 setup with their title field having documents -

  1. To Work
  2. Topology
  3. ... < many more >

I have the title field as solr.StrField (String). I also have the copyField of the title field in another field title_token of type solr.TextField with the tokenizer StandardTokenizerFactory and a filter LowerCaseFilterFactory.

When a user searches for just To, in order to get the documents whose title starts with To, I query Solr with title:To*. Works fine. Displays document 1 and 2.

However, when the user searches for To (with a space after To), i send this query to Solr like title:To * (with a space between To and *). Ideally only the 1st document should be displayed. However all the documents are displayed.

When I query title:To * along with &debugQuery=true the query is parsed as "parsedquery_toString":"title:to title:*".

Since title:* would display all the documents, all documents are displayed.

How do I query for To * which would give me all documents having title starting with To (with a space after To), in this case the document 1 should be dispalyed?

I am using Embedded Solr server running in my Web App running on Tomcat. I use solrj to query and fetch results.

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have you tried with quotes "to *"? –  Luciano Feb 16 '13 at 0:18
Yes. With quotes * is not treated as a wild card. –  JHS Feb 16 '13 at 0:21

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you should escape the white space field:to\ * so that query formed is title:to * Else it would match all documents.

Also Wildcard Queries :-
Note that wildcards are not supported within quoted phrases. They will be treated as if they were white space.

On prefix, wildcard and fuzzy searches, no text analysis is performed on the search word.
So To* would not match the index document if you lower case filter.

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