How to create a new extension in typo3 6? Is the kickstarter extension compatible with typo3 6?


You can use the extension "extension_builder". It generates (skeletons for) extbase/fluid based extensions and is compatible with TYPO3 6.0 (Makes even use of namespaces in generated extensions, which were only introduced in 6.0).

If you want to build fluid/exbase extensions, you should read this book to get familiar with these extensions. In german it is also available as paperback.

I'm not sure the "kickstarter" extension still works, but its last update is a maintainance release to make it work in TYPO3 v4.6, so there is a good chance it does.

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Q: How to create a new extension in typo3 6?
A: There are two ways to create a new extension in typo3 6.

Simple example for the second way of creating an extension:

  1. Log into your typo3 v6.2 project
  2. Install extension "builder"
  3. Open a shell
  4. cd to document root of your typo3 project
  5. type in this command to create an extension with the extension key "test":

    ./typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase builder:providerextension \
    --extension-key test --author "Your name your@email.tld" \
    --pages 1 --content 1 --controllers 1 --git 1 --travis 1 --use-vhs 1

  6. Fire up your php editor and go to path_to_your_typo3_project/typo3conf/ext/test and edit your brand new extension.

  7. For more information visit https://fluidtypo3.org/documentation/templating-manual/templating/provider-extension/generating-extensions.html

Q: Is the kickstarter extension compatible with typo3 6?
A: No. But the "old" pi-based extensions, you create with the kickstarter will still run on typo3 6.

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