I have to do a project for my college course in data structures using c and was wondering if anyone can tell me any real life uses of data structures so that I can base my project on it. Please keep in mind that it is only my first year of programming in c so I currently do not have the skills to write very advanced code.

  • you better have a research on web and then ask some question which is more specific. There are infinite number of real like uses of data structures. – RinoTom Feb 16 '13 at 11:46

Since this is your first year of college, I wouldn't go into the depths of datastructures and their uses.

Simplest use of a data structure: A English-to-English Dictionary, which can be built using a Hash Table.

From here, you can go into depths of DS

  1. Datastructures in OS design, such as memory manager (Linked List + Hash-Map),
  2. BTrees in Database Design
  3. Trees in Filesystems
  4. Graphs in electronic circuit simulation, AI etc

many many more.


Well, data structures improve the logic or performance of manipulations on your data. To see the latter, you could try the following. Generate a list of a million or more random numbers and try to find one of them in particular.

Try comparing the performance of the following two representations: an array and a sorted binary tree.


There are lots of real usages of data structures, whether it's in your OS, in Databases, etc. Think of the case of (not only) MySQL that uses B-Trees to manage records (http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/index-btree-hash.html).


Look at list of data structures from wikipedia. Most of the data structures have real world examples or applications section on their own description page.

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