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I am trying to set up a custom domain for my app hosted on heroku. The domain is registered at Godaddy. I followed the instructions on heroku and activated forwarding on Godaddy and also changed the CNAME for www to myapp.herokuapp.com. I tried domain forwarding with masking setting on godaddy but it didn't work. I switched to plain domain forwarding but when i enter the domain mydomain.com it redirects to myapp.herokuapp.com which remains in the browser. This is clearly not what i want. I want to use mydomain.com. But there are no proper instructions on how to do it. I didn't mess with IP addresses because Heroku clearly discourages this. What is the proper and updated way to do it? Maybe another Domain registrar is preferable to Godaddy and has better support for heroku custom domains?

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It's going to work fine with Godaddy. There are instructions in the responses to this question: How to configure heroku application DNS to Godaddy Domain?

You don't want to set up forwarding, what you need to do is create a CNAME record on Godaddy that points to the Heroku app.

UPDATE, To set up forwarding of the domain apex, see this question: Heroku/GoDaddy: send naked domain to www

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Ok it works when i enter www.mydomain.com but when i enter mydomain.com it returns the Godaddy welcome page. So how do i make mydomain.com redirect to www.mydomain.com. @friism –  Wasswa Samuel Feb 18 '13 at 15:55
I've extended the answer, see here: stackoverflow.com/questions/11492563/… –  friism Feb 18 '13 at 16:38
Perfect Thanks a lot @friism –  Wasswa Samuel Feb 18 '13 at 16:58

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