I am having trouble with a button i'm trying to apply an animation on.

The effect i'm trying to create is that a button with a white border and transparent background gets filled with white background-color on hover from left to right and clears again from left to right when the user mouse goes out. While also the font-color changes to a readable color.

To achieve this I have a div with two a in it which are position on top of each other. Why two a elements? So the user can click whichever one is on top/shown.


<div class="block-button"> <a href="#" class="first">Click me</a>
<a href="#" class="second"></a>


.block-button .first {
z-index: 8;
color: #fff;

.block-button .second {
z-index: 7;
background-color: white;



$(".block-button").each(function () {
    $(this).hover(function (e) {
        $(this).find("a.second").show("blind", {
            direction: "left",
            easing: 'easeOutCubic'
        },500, function () {
    }, function (e) {
        $(this).find("a.second").hide("blind", {
            direction: "right",
            easing: 'easeOutCubic'
        }, 500, function () {

I'm having trouble though handling the queuing of the blind animation though. Normally i would solve this with jQuery.stop() but it doesn't work correctly at the moment.

When i disable stop, naturally all the animations get stacked so continuously hovering/un-hovering will make the animation repeat over and over.

When i enable stop though, when you enter the element again while it is still animating (you can clearly see this when using a high duration in the animate function) the last animation doesn't get called correctly.

It's kinda hard to explain but these jFiddles make these pretty clear i think.

Stop enabled: jsFiddle here

Stop disabled: jsFiddle here

Any help would be appreciated!


You are making it way too hard on yourself. All you have to do is overlap two elements; a background and a foreground. By changing the size of the background, you can animate the button.

I rewrote it entirely. Check out my fiddle.

Using position: absolute; and position: relative; I have overlapped both elements. The dynamic width is preserved, in case you want to use multiple buttons with different text.

Because I am changing width on-hover with the animate() method, stop() does seem to work properly.

  • Though not entirely the effect I was trying to achieve, your technique animating the width instead of using jQuery-UI's show('blind') function did work. I posted my final code below. – Roy Dendro Feb 19 '13 at 14:49

I achieved the effect I wanted using the technique Tim suggested in his answer. Animating the width of a background span seemed to do the trick!


$('a.btn-pretty').hover(function(e) {
    'width': $(this).width()
}, 300,function(){
}, function(e) {
    'width': 0
}, 300,function(){

You can see the jsFiddle here

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