I have already checked this question but could not find what I'm looking for. I am running Windows (the client), and the server is a legacy mainframe type server.

Basically I need to write a script, python code or whatever, to send some know commands to the server via telnet, and preferable capture the output. Then return when done.

What's the best approach?

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There's a python library for telnet connections that reads and writes from/to a telnet connection.

Check the link. It has some basic examples of what you are looking for.

Here's an example from the link:

import getpass
import sys
import telnetlib

HOST = "localhost"
user = raw_input("Enter your remote account: ")
password = getpass.getpass()

tn = telnetlib.Telnet(HOST)

tn.read_until("login: ")
tn.write(user + "\n")
if password:
    tn.read_until("Password: ")
    tn.write(password + "\n")


print tn.read_all()

It connects to a telnet server. Sends your login credentials and then executes the unix command ls. Then exits the session and prints all output from the telnet server.

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    Just a note that on my server, I needed to add a \r instead of the \n. Took me a while to debug that.
    – Ayman
    Sep 29, 2009 at 11:14

You may want to consider Exscript as well. It simplifies some of the easy tasks but for more complicated there is additional level of abstraction (Exscript is a scripting language in itself). Either way - worth checking out.


I've never used it myself, but maybe pexpect is what you need?

"Pexpect can be used for automating interactive applications such as ssh, ftp, passwd, telnet, etc."

  • PExpect does not run on Windows clients. It gives an error that it needs a UNIX like system.
    – Ayman
    Sep 29, 2009 at 9:47
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    I should read the questions more carefully, sorry! :)
    – Kylotan
    Sep 29, 2009 at 10:14

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