i need to convert Qt legacy code from 4 to 5.1 now i have compilation error in visual studio 2010 :

SingleItem* item = qVariantValue<SingleItem*>(index.data());  

gives me :

.cpp(63): error C2065: 'qVariantValue' : undeclared identifier

when i go to the header i see :

template<typename T>
inline QT_DEPRECATED T qVariantValue(const QVariant &variant)
{ return qvariant_cast<T>(variant); }

template<typename T>
inline QT_DEPRECATED bool qVariantCanConvert(const QVariant &variant)
{ return variant.template canConvert<T>(); }

ok ... so what is the replacement?

  • I can't find qVariantValue with Google?? – Tony The Lion Feb 17 '13 at 10:03

See the compatibility notes.

For qVariantValue, use QVariant::value<T> instead.


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