How do i change the current keys for selecting all with the multiple cursor to CMD + G?


The keyboard shortcuts are referrred to as key bindings in Sublime Text 2. There is documentation here and here that will show you how to manipulate them. Click "Preferences" > "Default Key Bindings" to view them. Copy and paste the ones you want to edit into "Preferences" > "User Key Bindings"


 <binding key="cmd+t,u" command="upperCase"/>

As noted in the comments, the config is now in json format for newer Sublime Text.


    { "keys": ["cmd+t,u"], "command": "snake_case" }
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    Just a heads up, that link is outdated. Here is an updated one. link Only important because configs are json now rather than XML. – skuroda Feb 17 '13 at 20:48

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