I try to search a monitoring tool for my app built on Play 2.X. However, most of the answers I found point to this thread.


Also another SO comment mentions New Relic currently not support Play 2.X.


New Relic documentation only mentions Play 1.2.4.


Is there any workaround for New Relic on Play 2.X?


We are using New Relic with Play 2.1/Scala 2.10. Play/Scala/Netty support has been introduced in New Relic 2.19.0. There were some stability problems in this version (memory consumption, performance issue during instrumentation). Those issues have been fixed in the meanwhile (New Relic Agent 2.20).

See our blog post about how to setup. http://techblog.nezasa.com/2013/08/performance-monitoring-of-nezasa-with.html


New relic has just updated their java agent to work with Netty server and play 2 framework: https://newrelic.com/docs/java/new-relic-for-java


Unfortunately, I don't believe there's currently a good way to get New Relic stats from a Play 2.x application.

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