I am running a cassandra cluster with 3 nodes. The keyspace1 is configured to run NetworkTopologyStrategy,

[default@Keyspace1] describe Keyspace1;
   Keyspace: Keyspace1:
   Replication Strategy: org.apache.cassandra.locator.NetworkTopologyStrategy
   Durable Writes: true
   Options: [datacenter1:1]

I tried to update the replication factor by running this command on Node1 in cassandra CLI

update keyspace Keyspace1 with strategy_options = {datacenter1:3};

But when I check again using describe Keyspace1, I still see the Options: [datacenter1:1], the replication factor is not changed. I tried restarting cassandra, attempted repair and cleanup on all nodes, still no effect. What am I missing?



You are missing the [ ] that wrap around the strategy options. Your update code should be:

UPDATE KEYSPACE Keyspace1 WITH strategy_options = [{datacenter1:3}];

If you require further details on how to update the replication factor of your KS through the CLI I recommend you have a look at the Datastax documentation.

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