When we say all c# libraries mainly built on .Net class library in which language class libraries are written ?


You can readily see this by obtaining the Reference Source, it includes large amounts of original source code for the .NET Framework, comments included. You'll see that all of the base classes were written in C#.

There is some C++/CLI as well, although it is not in the Reference Source. Visible from the artifacts it leaves behind in the assemblies, particularly the internal <Module> class. Present in mscorlib, System.Data and PresentationCore for example, the kind of assemblies that interop with native code.

The source code for the CLR, the C# compiler and the just-in-time compiler is available as well from the SSCLI20 distribution. It is dated, accurate only for the .NET 2.0 release. They were written in C++, a wee bit of assembly for very low-level functions that are processor specific.


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