How to write this update query for updating a mongo record in c#.

db.collection.update({ "S_Id" : 110 },{ "Name" : "Name1","Batch" : "43","Date":"9/2/2011",  "Status" : 0 }); 

I'am trying like this

IMongoUpdate update = new UpdateDocument();
if (Named != null) { update = Update.Set("Name", "Name1"); }
if (Date != null) { update = Update.Set("Date", "18/02/2013"); }
if (Batch != null) { update = Update.Set("Batch",43); }
coll.Update(query, update);

was I'am doing correct or in what way i have to do it, please make me the correct way to proceed.


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In your example, you are potentially overwriting the value of update for each option, so will only be sending a single update command to col1.Update().

you will want to use the Update.Combine method, something vaguely like this: (untested, and a bit ugly...)

    var updateValues = new List<UpdateBuilder>();
    if (Named != null) { updateValues.Add(Update.Set("Name", "Name1")); }
    if (Date != null) { updateValues.Add(Update.Set("Date", "18/02/2013")); }
    if (Batch != null) { updateValues.Add(Update.Set("Batch", 43)); }
    IMongoUpdate update = Update.Combine(updateValues);
    coll.Update(query, update);

it has now modified to:

    FilterDefinitionBuilder<BsonDocument> builder = Builders<BsonDocument>.Filter;
    FilterDefinition<BsonDocument> filter;

    filter = builder.Eq("_id",BsonObjectId.Create(objectid));

// or field to search

    var update = Builders<BsonDocument>.Update
 .Set("key1", "value1")
 .Set("key2", "value2")

  Collection.UpdateOne(filter, update);
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    This does not apply as the question specifically is about building an update over multiple lines. Your query works, it just does not answer the question.
    – Jeppe
    Commented Aug 20, 2019 at 7:24

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