I am trying to export a diagram to a format I can load into a wiki tool called 'confluence'. The resolution of any export format or even the .dia save file is so small, that when I insert the image it is too small to be seen. When I try to enlarge it, it is blurry.

How do I increase the resolution of Dia save files or Dia exports?

Version: 0.97.2


This depends a little on the export formats. For some (e.g. PNG antialiased) you can specify a resolution in pixels. For other formats, go to File->Page Setup... and increase the scale factor.

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    On Ubuntu with Dia version 0.97.2, increasing the scale factor in File->Page Setup... fixed the issue for me. – i_grok Mar 7 '14 at 15:42

On export, specify the PNG (anti-aliased) (*.png) exporter. When you click Save, it will ask you for the resolution. Change either the X or Y, and it will scale up the other so your image is not distored. Do not use the Cairo or Pixbuf exporters, as they do not ask you.

To specify the PNG exporter, select File->Export, and at the bottom of the Export Diagram dialog is a section Export Options and the drop down to list the available exporters.

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    This still has a low DPI. I can't change this. – danger89 May 17 '15 at 17:08

Check menu "File" -> "Layout" Then check the scale is set to 1 (do not set the sheets)

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