I have a SQLite database that I'd like to search using Python variables as in:

cur.execute("SELECT * FROM list WHERE InstitutionName=Variable")

Ideally this would allow me to return each row as a list to a larger list that contains all the rows a user is searching for. I realize what I have above is pseudocode. How could I actually write it?


I think that you want to use the parameter substitution feature:

cur.execute("SELECT * FROM list WHERE InstitutionName=?", (Variable,))

There's more documentation in the actual execute command and in the 4th example code box on the sqlite3 docs page.

Note that you should explicitly not use the % or format function as this is susceptible to injection attacks:

cur.execute("SELECT * FROM list WHERE InstitutionName='%s'" % (Variable,))
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If you want to display multiple records from database then you can use the (LIKE) keyword in your sql query:

("SELECT * FROM TABLENAME WHERE name LIKE'%?%'",(Variable,))

If you want to use LIKE

cur.execute("SELECT * FROM list WHERE InstitutionName like '%'||?||'%'", (Variable,))

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