When clicking in a specific subroutine in Visual Basic 2010, the application crashes giving only the error message "Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 [Express] has encountered a problem and needs to close."

Nothing appears in the log and safe mode doesn't help.


When I had this problem, I found it was due to a line continuation over 400 lines.

For example:

Dim someString As String
someString = "some text and then a line continuation " & _
             "and then some more text for 400 lines " & _
             ... & _
             "and then finish the string"

To fix it, I just had to make my code a little sloppier by combining multiple "lines" on one line.

Hope this helps someone else!


It sounds like you are clicking on a module or a .vb file in the solution space. Try right clicking, then "edit code" if at all possible. If there is an Interop object, perhaps a control (.OCX) that not's registered ion Windows, then VS will crash -- promise!

  • This was a Q&A style post - I was just sharing the experience I had with an error. – abarrington Feb 20 '13 at 14:27

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