I use oracle stored procedures with spring-data-jpa. In the most cases it is pretty well, when it is a function or output parameter is first in the param list. But I have some stored procedures with ouput param is the last in the param list:

procedure get_data (some_val in varchar2 cur out sys_refcursor); 

or returns more than one output refcursors like

procedure get_my_data (cur1 out sys_refcursor, cur2 out sys_refcursor, some_val in varchar2); 

Is it possible with any way to use it with JpaRepository?


Finally, I've found answer by myself :)

My situation is a good point for using spring-data's Custom Implementation You should:

  1. Create Interface, named YourRepository*Custom* with your new method (for example EmployeeRepositoryCustom)
  2. Create an imiplementation for this interface with name YourRepository*Impl* (for example EmployeeRepositoryImpl)
  3. Inside method implementation you can use SimpleJdbcCall for calling Oracle stored procedure, for example
  4. ...
  5. PROFIT!!!

Note: naming rules are important if you want to use default configs


well, if you want a localized call to a StoredProc from a service or utility class, then you can use Spring Jdbc for StoredProc. See below for implementation

public class StoredProcSampleTest extends StoredProcedure {
private static final String SPROC_NAME = "HH_EXTRACT.SAMPLE_TEST";
public StoredProcSampleTest(DataSource dataSource) {
    super(dataSource, SPROC_NAME);
    declareParameter(new SqlParameter("v_in_msg", Types.VARCHAR));
    declareParameter(new SqlOutParameter("v_out_msg", Types.VARCHAR));

public  String  execute() {
    HashMap<String, Object> hmap = new HashMap<String, Object>();
    hmap.put("v_in_msg", "Suresh");
    hmap.put("v_out_msg", "");
    Map<String, Object> results = execute(hmap);
    String outRes = (String) results.get("v_out_msg");
    return outRes;    


now in your utility class or Service class, do this

    protected StoredProcSampleTest storedProcSampleTest;

public void setDataSource(final DataSource dataSource) {
    this.storedProcSampleTest = new StoredProcSampleTest(dataSource);



public String callStoredProcSampleTest(){
    return storedProcSampleTest.execute();

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