At the moment I am testing Ararat Synapse to send e-mails in Delphi.

A local function creates a TSMTPSend and sends the e-mail.
How can I abort this operation? I have set a callback function assigned to SMTP.Sock.OnStatus to perform some status output.
When I want to abort the send progress, I thought I could use the TTCPBlockSocket of the TSMTPSend within the callback function because in this function I have no access to the TSMTPSend directly.

What I wanted to do looks basically like

MyCallBack(Sender: TObject; Reason: THookSocketReason; const Value: string);
  if FCancelWasClicked then
    if Sender is TTCPBlockSocket then
      TTCPBlockSocket(Sender).StopFlag := True;
      // or TTCPBlockSocket(Sender).AbortSocket or CloseSocket

But StopFlag shows no effect and AbortSocket/ CloseSocket lead to a StackOverFlow because the socket will then be pumping HR_CloseSocket messages endlessly.

Am I doing it wrong? Are there other options?


Synapse provides a heartbeat function, which allows implementation of Cancel behaviour.


Handle the OnHeartbeat event, set the HeartbeatRate property to the interval between heartbeats, and set the StopFlag to cancel the operation.

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    Thank you, it's a pity I wasn't able to find it. This worked out well. – Erik Virtel Feb 20 '13 at 12:43

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