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I just want to have a duplicate error when my program is running.

I made a condition that if the user had already enrolled a student (with matched studId and sy), it gives me an error like "You already did the enrollment." else, it would do the insert query. In my table I inserted a studId(c-1111) & sy(2011) just for instance that there is a old student is/are being enrolled, but on my situation when I click my button "Generate & save", it always give me the error message even the sy is 2013 with the same studId of c-1111. Here's my code. Please help me solve my program.

       for($i=0; $i <= $row->studId; $i++){           
        $generated_pass = genpass($i);
        echo "<td>$generated_pass</td>";
        $year = date("Y");
        $info = $mysqli->query("SELECT studId, sy FROM tbl_student WHERE
                    studId='".$row->studId."' AND sy= '$year'");
            echo "<script type='text/jscript'>
        alert('You already did the enrollment.')
        else {
        $insert = $mysqli->query("INSERT IGNORE INTO  tbl_student (studId,
                    fname,  lname, mname, password, dob, address, f_fname, f_mname,
                    f_lname, m_fname, m_mname, m_lname, departmentId, sy) VALUES 
                    ('".$row->studId."', '".$row->fname."', '".$row->lname."', 
                    '".$row->mname."', '".md5($generated_pass)."', '".$row->dob."', 
                    '".$row->address."', '".$row->f_fname."', '".$row->f_mname."', 
                    '".$row->f_lname."', '".$row->m_fname."', '".$row->m_mname."', 
                    '".$row->m_lname."', '".$row->departmentId."', '".$row->sy."')");
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Please Debug what $info = $mysqli->query("SELECT studId, sy FROM tbl_student WHERE studId='".$row->studId."' AND sy= '$year'"); – Sagar Kadam Feb 20 '13 at 11:41

is it an option to add a MySQL table constraint that studID and sy are a unique key? that way, any query that inserts a duplicate will fail, and PHP will get an error it can handle.

Edit: the IGNORE keyword should be removed for the above to work, since it essentially requests that constraints are not honored.

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@hexblot.. yeah i forgot to remove the IGNORE, but even i remove it my insert query still not working. and yes, my studId is a primary key. i thought of a function but i only know about like just in an input type eg emails on registration. – Pot Pot Feb 20 '13 at 11:47

Please Debug what

$info = $mysqli->query("SELECT studId, sy FROM tbl_student WHERE studId='".$row->studId."' AND sy= '$year'"); 

and $info returns. It might be it will be return empty array in that case ur if($info) wont work then you need to check with empty() etc

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thnks for the advice. – Pot Pot Feb 20 '13 at 12:01

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