In CAKEPHP the function $this->element('sql_dump') prints the executed sql querys on the screen. $this->element('sql_dump') is only available with debug mode = 2

This works fine but I would like the following to work:

  • Debug mode has to be 0
  • I do not want to echo the sql dump on the screen but mail it to myself
  • This has to happen with the click on a button (send bug report)

Is this possible, how?

Thanks for you help


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To get debugging info when debug mode is 0 you have to manipulate the data source before executing your query.

In your controller:

$db = $this->MyModel->getDataSource();
$db->fullDebug = true;
$log = $db->getLog();
$db->fullDebug = false;
// email yourself the log

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