I don't even know if it's possible, I searched but didn't find something like that.

I made a custom Framework (with jverkoey/iOS-Framework) designed to be a collection of other frameworks and tools for every project in my company.

In this framework I have a simple Categorie "UIImage+H568" which is simply used to automatically load images for iphone 5 when they exists.

What I want is that categorie be automatically used in projects that use my framework, or at least, these project can call the categorie like it was in the project itself.

Thank you for help :)

PS : I don't want to use the category in the framework itself, I have no problem to do it.


Yes it is possible.

I think the following Technical Q&A of Apple should help


  • I realize that I already did it, but in fact, my UIImage was in a xib --' so the framework don't affect it. (It's just a test project to see if the framework work well) I'm just distracted, but thank for help. I validate because it's the correct answer anyway, just I should have seen my mistake sooner. – AncAinu Feb 20 '13 at 15:54

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