I got something strange with my helper. First of all, i just started to work with cakePHP, and MVC. Maybe i do somethings wrong but can't find what.

For my app, i have to use an Xml file to handle language for my texte (i know there are many differents way to handle language, but i need to use this one). So i create an Helper (XmlHelper.php, in View\Helper\Xmlhelper.php)

App::uses('AppHelper', 'View/Helper','Xml');

class XmlHelper extends AppHelper {
    var $xml = array();
    var $name = 'Xml';
    var $filename = '';

    public function getXml($filename, $language, $view) {
         $this->xml = Xml::toArray(Xml::build('Xml/'.$filename.'.xml')); //THE LINE
         $this->xml = $this->xml[$filename][$language][$view];
         $this->filename = $filename;

    public function readXml($tags) {
        $tempXml =  $this->xml;
        foreach ($tags as $tag){
            $tempXml =  $tempXml[$tag];
        return  $tempXml;

From my controller i got :

class EventsController extends Controller {
public $helpers = array('Html', 'Form','Xml');
    public $components = array('Session');

And for most of my view everything work fine, but some other just fire

Error: Class 'Xml' not found File:
C:\wamp\www\cakephp\app\View\Helper\Xmlhelper.php Line: 11

In my view i call :

<?php $this->Xml->getXml('dico',$ln,'thanks'); ?>
<h1><?php echo $this->Xml->readXml(array('texte'));?></h1>

The ln is well defined.

If someone can explain me what is wrong, it will be very apreciated!


The problem is the XML class you're using inside your XmlHelper.

Basically, you're using App:uses(); wrong, it can only be used to include one class at a time, so you need to add another line:

App::uses('AppHelper', 'View/Helper');
App::uses('Xml', 'Path/To/Xml.php');

I can't really help you with the Path/To/Xml.php bit as I don't know where you've saved it. Should really be in the Vendors folders if it's an external library. See here for more info.

  • Nice job, it's effectivly that, i have to use : App::uses('Xml', 'Utility'); Thanks a lot – Viluredfish Feb 21 '13 at 11:45

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