I'm trying to access to the translations via twig.

For example, I have the name of my application inside my Resources/translations/messages.de.yml and Resources/translations/messages.en.yml

My controller does only a render of the twig file.

And inside my twig-file I want to access to the application.name property which is defined inside the messages-file (yml)

How can I access to this property to get the application name (let's say it contains some language-specific information)

I tried these methods, and failed:

  • {{ application.name }}
    • Looks more like for variables which have been sent through the controller, I've got an error, that the variable 'application' was not found
  • {% trans% } application.name {% endtrans %}
    • displays application.name
  • {% trans% } 'application.name' {% endtrans %}
    • displays 'application.name'
  • Can you show us the content of your messages.en.yml ?
    – Touki
    Feb 21, 2013 at 17:33

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With inline notation you should use filter:

{{ 'application.name'|trans }}

With trans tag I think problem in whitespaces around application.name

  • Don't forget to mention (I know is not asked but just gave a best answer) that if the message is not defined in the default domain the translation is done with {{ 'application.name' | trans ({}, 'domain') }}
    – Axxiss
    Feb 21, 2013 at 21:00
  • Thanks, somehow I had also this commented out in my app/config/config.yml file (i don't know why): framework.translator: { fallback: %locale% }
    – eav
    Feb 25, 2013 at 7:58
{% trans% }app.name{% endtrans %}

In your messages.en.yml

<trans-unit id="app.name" resname="app.name">
    <source>My app</source>
    <target>My app</target>

In your messages.de.yml

 <trans-unit id="app.name" resname="app.name">
    <source>My app</source>
    <target>Meine App</target>

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