How do I get the reference to the JavaScript object representing a dgrid instance. Consider this code:

var MyGrid = var EntityList = declare("ui.MyGrid", [List, Pagination], { ... });
var grid = new MyGrid();
domConstruct.place(grid.domNode, container);

It's easy enough to access grid here because it's created programmatically, but if it's created declaratively, as in:

<div id="grid" data-dojo-type="ui.MyGrid" data-dojo-props="...">
  • dojo.byId('grid') returns the DOM node.
  • dijit.byId('grid') returns undefined.
  • adding data-dojo-id apparently has no effect.

How do I get a reference to the the actual javascript object behind #grid?

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Your grid needs to mixin the dgrid/extensions/DijitRegistry extension. Grids with this extension will register themselves with the dijit registry so you can use dijit.byId('grid').

See https://github.com/SitePen/dgrid/wiki/DijitRegistry for more information.

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