In page Index.html there is a selectbox called #choose_content_to_load and a div called #get_loaded_content

<select id="choose_content_to_load">
<option>Some content from page content.html and div #content</option>

<div id="get_loaded_content">

As seen in the selectbox option there is a page called content.html that contains a div called #content. In the current situation the div #content get loaded into #get_loaded_content when click on the option by using this script:

    var selectedOption = $('#choose_content_to_load :selected').val(); 
    $containerDiv = $('#get_loaded_content'); 
       switch (selectedOption)
        case "Some content from page content.html and div #content":$containerDiv.load( "content.html #content" , function(){$(document).trigger("reload_javascript");});break;
    return true;

As you see the script also trigger a "reload" of all the scripts "reload_javascript". This is becuse the div #content have some more design elements that needs to be executed at the load in. These scripts looks like this:

$(document).on("ready reload_javascript" ,function() {

This works fine and all the loaded elements initializes and works, this becuse Index.html and content.html share the same design scripts (same .js file) so the scripts just need to "run again" to work. Now to the problem, the div #content need to have a larger script that only execute when the div is being loaded into #get_loaded_content in Index.html. Its not good to have the script in the .js file that both index.html and content.html share becuse its alot of code.

So the new script need to be put direct into the #content html using tags and execute when this div is being loaded in.

First I thought the new script will run just by adding the reload_javascript but then I realised that dident execute the script just initialize it (I think). I hope somebody can help me with this and please have in mind that I try to learn jQuery (beginner at coding).

Thanks alot.


If i understand you correctly you are loading <script> tags into content and wish for it to execute? If so call this function i made a while back after insertion.

*This function is supposed to execute script after script insertions
function execute(){
    $('#content script').each(function() {
        var _script = document.createElement('script');
        _script.type = 'text/javascript';
        _script.setAttribute('async', 'true');
    *IEFIX (IE does not support .innerHTML on createElement)
        _script.innerHTML  = $(this).html().replace('\\\\',"\\");
  • The div #content from page content.html get loaded into #get_loaded_content in Index.html. The div #content contains a script direct in the HTML code <script>something</script> that I want to execute when the div gets loaded in. I think I need to modify the loadin script (to the selectbox) but I really dont know how. At the moment it just initializes all the "reload_javascript" scripts. Can your script be modifyed to the loadin script in the first post? – user1905754 Feb 22 '13 at 12:23
  • Actually i just copy-pasted it from my script file, your content-div may have another name The basic idea here is that if content script is loaded into a DIV or similar the script will be executed whenever this function is called. You may put execute() just before your "return true;" if the div with the ID "Content" has script-blocks they will be executed. – Iesus Sonesson Feb 22 '13 at 12:35

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