I seem to be stuck trying to retrieve the exit status of a shell command which was started from ruby's Open3.popen3()-method.

Here's my code:

require 'open3'
stdin, stdout, stderr = Open3.popen3('ls')

When I now try to access $? it still is nil

Is it possible to retrieve the exit status after all?

- ls is not the command I'm trying to use in my script. I just used this to give an example. My script is a bit more complex and contains user input, which is why I need the sanitizing functionality of Open3.
- I've also tried the block variant of popen3, but didn't succeed with that either.


popen3 yields/returns four parameters, stdin, stdout, stderr and wait_thr. wait_thr contains a method wait_thr.value which returns the exit status of the command (in fact, it is a Process::Status object according to documentation). Also have a look at http://www.ruby-doc.org/stdlib-1.9.3/libdoc/open3/rdoc/Open3.html#method-c-popen3

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    I knew that open3 also returns a thread but didn't know how to get its exit code. wait_thr.value.success? works like a charm, thank you very much! – Griddo Feb 23 '13 at 10:46

The concise answer is to use the 4th parameter of open3: wait_thr

  • get whether any error is indicated: wait_thr.value.success?
  • get the actual error level: wait_thr.value.exitstatus


Open3.popen3(command) do |stdin, stdout, stderr, wait_thr|
  return_value = wait_thr.value
puts "Error level was: #{return_value.exitstatus}" unless return_value.success?
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    Up voted this answer because it provides a code example. Thanks! – Wilson Freitas Feb 13 '16 at 16:18

Everything you need (standard output, error and exit code) in three lines:

require 'open3'
stdin, stdout, stderr, wait_thr = Open3.popen3("sleep 5; ls")
puts "#{stdout.read} #{stderr.read} #{wait_thr.value.exitstatus}"

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