I have an HTML editor in ExtJS.

I want to limit user to add characters in it.

I will be storing this value in database in HTML form like-

<font color="FF6600" face="verdana"><i>​This is the HTML text</i></font><br> 

My question is, (1) what should be the limit of characters if data type of column is VARCHAR2(2000)

(2) Which property should I use to limit the characters. I tried using maxLength: 250 but it is not working. It allows user to add more than 250 characters.

Any help?


HtmlEditor does not contain a property called maxLength, only textfields do, you'd have to implement this yourself.

You could use the change event for something like this.

listeners: {
    change: function(editor, newValue, oldValue) {
        if (newValue.length > editor.maxLength) {
  • Do you mean checking length of entered text manually? – Microsoft DN Feb 22 '13 at 14:19
  • Yes, you can go check the source of the Ext.form.field.Text how they do it for textfields. – Johan Haest Feb 22 '13 at 14:27

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