I have this use case where I get the symbolized deep associations from a certain model, and I have to perform certain queries that involve using outer joins. How can one do it WITHOUT resorting to write the full SQL by hand?

Answers I don't want: - using includes (doesn't solve deep associations very well ( .includes(:cars => [:windows, :engine => [:ignition]..... works unexpectedly ) and I don't want its side-effects) - writing the SQL myself (sorry, it's 2013, cross-db support, etc etc..., and the objects I fetch are read_only, more side-effects)

I'd like to have an Arel solution. I know that using the arel_table's from the models I can construct SQL expressions, there's also a DSL for the joins, but somehow i cannot use it in the joins method from the model:

car = Car.arel_table
engine = Engine.arel_table

eng_exp = car.join(engine).on(car[:engine_id].eq(engine[:id]))
eng_exp.to_sql #=> GOOD! very nice!
Car.joins(eng_exp) #=> Breaks!!

Why this doesn't work is beyond me. I don't know exactly what is missing. But it's the closest thing to a solution I have now. If somebody could help me completing my example or provide me with a nice work-around or tell me when will Rails include such an obviously necessary feature will have my everlasting gratitude.

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This is an old question, but for the benefit of anyone finding it through search engines:

If you want something you can pass into .joins, you can either use .create_join and .create_on:

join_on = car.create_on(car[:engine_id].eq(engine[:id]))
eng_join = car.create_join(engine, join_on, Arel::Nodes::OuterJoin)



use the .join_sources from your constructed join object:

eng_exp = car.join(engine, Arel::Nodes::OuterJoin).on(car[:engine_id].eq(engine[:id]))

I found a blog post that purports to address this problem: http://blog.donwilson.net/2011/11/constructing-a-less-than-simple-query-with-rails-and-arel/

Based on this (and my own testing), the following should work for your situation:

car = Car.arel_table
engine = Engine.arel_table   

sql = car.project(car[Arel.star])
        .join(engine, Arel::Nodes::OuterJoin).on(car[:engine_id].eq(engine[:id]))

  • Well, this is the closest to the answer we'll ever get, I'm afraid, my only problem with being the previous knowledge of the association keys (I would like to have a more out-of-the-box solution concerning that, like the plain regular AR inner joins). But this is by far the best answer to the question, I already devised a solution based on it. Thx again.
    – ChuckE
    Feb 25, 2013 at 10:25

If you don't mind adding a dependency and skipping AREL altogether, you could use Ernie Miller's excellent Squeel gem. It would be something like


This would require that the Car model be associated with Engine like so:

belongs_to :engine

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