MediaPlayer.setVideoScalingMode (int mode) is nice for API 16 and above allowing choosing between VIDEO_SCALING_MODE_SCALE_TO_FIT and VIDEO_SCALING_MODE_SCALE_TO_FIT_WITH_CROPPING.

Is there a way to achieve the same functionality for Android prior to API 16?

I have tried to set the dimensions of SurfaceView used by a MediaPlayer, but MediaPlayer crops the original video to fits whatever dimensions of the SurfaceView.


Faced up with the same problem, get solution with this article http://blog.lemberg.co.uk/surface-view-video-cropping But with small change: By default TextureView already has scale to make video fit screen aspect ratio, so you get left/right or top/bottom stripes for tall/wide videos. And when you use approach from article you are getting TextureView scale + scale calculated by updateTextureViewSize, so very large scale index. My solution for this problem is to calculate relative scale value:

float div = Math.max(scaleX,scaleY)-Math.min(scaleX, scaleY);

instead of

 matrix.setScale(scaleX, scaleY, pivotPointX, pivotPointY);

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