I must set prmissions on some folder for "Everyone" user group, so i need SID for this group. When I calling ConvertStringSidToSid() I get error "System Error. Code: 87 - Parameter is incorrect". Why? What is wrong with my code?

function ConvertStringSidToSid(StringSid: LPCTSTR; Sid: PSID): BOOL; stdcall;
  external Advapi32 name 'ConvertStringSidToSidW';
  Sid: PSID;
  Sid := Nil;
  ConvertStringSidToSid(LPCTSTR('S-1-1-0'), Sid);

TIA Branko


The Sid parameter is output. Add the out keyword to it in your function prototype. Also, it's not safe to use LPCTSTR with Unicode version of the function (the one with W postfix). Once you'd migrate this code to non-Unicode Delphi, you will fail with its call, because LPCTSTR become PAnsiChar on non-Unicode Delphi and you'd call the Unicode function. Rather use directly PWideChar instead:

function ConvertStringSidToSid(StringSid: PWideChar; out Sid: PSID): BOOL; stdcall;
  external Advapi32 name 'ConvertStringSidToSidW';

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