It has been always hard for me to pronounce these things in english, I don't either know the name of some of them :(

What do we call these operators?

  • -> (in PHP when $this->id)
  • :: (when class::function)
  • ` (something like single quotation)
  • ^ (when we write 2^4)

I know the name of these ones, but how do we pronounce these ones correctly?

  • vi (the editor)
  • vim (the editor)
  • apt-get (package installer)
  • yii (Php framework)
  • sql (database language)
  • mysql (dbms)

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  • for second part I found a good resource forvo.com – pavko_a Feb 23 '13 at 17:40
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Token       Name                    A possible pronounciation

 ->         Object member           "of" (member variables), "call on" (member functions)
 ::         Class member             see above
 `          Backtick                "backtick"
 ^          Caret                   "xor" (as the math operator) or "to the nth power"


name      pronounciation

vi        "vee"
vim       "veem"
apt-get   "Eye-Pee-Tea get" or "Apt-Get"
yii       "Yee"
SQL       "Es-Kyoo-El"
MySQL     "My Es-Kyoo-El"
  • Shouldn't "Eye-Pee-Tea get" be something like "Ay-Pee-Tea get"? – Trindaz Sep 3 '16 at 15:17

-> arrow

:: double colon

` back-ticks

^ 2 to the power of 4

ok.. now the funny part.. how do I write something to pronounce..

vi: V I ("vi ai") or vee

vim: (like in sWIMmingpool)

apt-get: I say :A P T-get ("A pe te- get") or some say just apt-get

I think: yii= why I I

sql: Es Queue El / "S Q L" not sequel

mysql: My Es Queue El

home that helps ;)


Try using http://forvo.com It's a good resource about pronunciation from people from all over the world

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