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I'm trying to create a Web Socket Server for a small project I am working on.

I have set up the server (located at home) and have port forwarded 80 and 22. I read this tutorial: here

And whenever I ssh into my server to run "startDarmon.php" I get the following error:

PHP Warning:  socket_bind(): unable to bind address [98]: Address already in use in  
/var/www/server/socket.class.php on line 48
2013-02-23 14:15:38 System: Socket bound to localhost:8000.
2013-02-23 14:15:38 System: Start listening on Socket

This is what i think is preventing my client from connecting to the server. So in the startDarmon.php file I have:

$WebSocket = new socketWebSocket('MY_IP_NOT_LAN_IP',8000);

And inside my client file, I have:

var host = "ws://MY_IP_NOT_LAN:8000/server/startDaemon.php";

Does anyone have any suggestions to why this is not allowing me to establish a connection?

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From what I know you don't need this server/startDaemon.php –  Dharman Feb 23 '13 at 14:23
@Dharman How do you mean? How would the server start then? Because in the client, var socket = new WebSocket(host) still requires a host] –  Phorce Feb 23 '13 at 14:24
ws://MY_IP_NOT_LAN:8000 that is just enough to get connection. However this does not solve you problem, its server side based –  Dharman Feb 23 '13 at 14:26
Try running it on a different port(you need to do port forward on you rrouter) –  Dharman Feb 23 '13 at 14:28
@Dharman I've ran it on a different port, and, it now works. "Socket bound to localhost:3132", "Start listening on Socket." When I enter my client, however, it doesn't want to connect.. Just hangs.. But I haven't forwarded port 3132 to my server (LAN IP) so would this be a good idea? –  Phorce Feb 23 '13 at 14:45

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I'm guessing the issue is on the Linux server.

Run the netstat -a -p -n command under root (e.g. with sudo) to understand which process is using that port. Then perhaps do a setsockopt(2) with SO_REUSEADDR (see socket(7) for more).

The TCP protocol has some specified delays in minutes (eg keepalive, etc etc...). See e.g. tcp(7)

I do suggest reading a good book on Linux system programming like Advanced Linux Programming and perhaps some material on network programming.

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You can reuse an address using the setting below:

if ( ! socket_set_option($sock, SOL_SOCKET, SO_REUSEADDR, 1)) 
    echo socket_strerror(socket_last_error($sock)); 
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