I'm have trouble getting jekyll to convert a post in _posts directory to html. It generates index.md correctly, but doesn't generate anything for posts. When I add 'source: _posts' then it converts the post, but doesn't convert index.md.

As far as I can tell, 'source' should either be not added to _config.yml to should point to '.'

My directory structure is pretty standard:

$ find .|fgrep -v bootstrap
$ cat _config.yml
name: "Developer blog"
description: ""

url: "http://localhost:4000"
source: .
paginate: 10

markdown: rdiscount
permalink: pretty
pygments: true
auto: true

Even when I leave auto off, I see no stack traces.

$ cat _posts/2013--02-25-test-blog.md
layout: default
title: Testing a blog

#test blog

this is a test

This name is not correct.

Perhaps use this


Notice carefully only 1 hyphen after the year.

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