I'm writing a function that supposed to work with lists of lists, and if I use this example:

def mode(year):
    monthAmount = len(year)

    for month in year:
        (month)Index = len(month)

What I want this to do is, say year is [January, February, March], the results should be something like this: JanuaryIndex = *, FebruaryIndex = *, MarchIndex = *, and so on; with a number of different months. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks.


I am not entirely sure what you are looking for here.

To get an index into a sequence you are looping over together with the actual value, use the enumerate() function:

for index, month in enumerate(year):
    print index, month

You really do not want to dynamically set global variables. Use a dictionary instead:

monthindices = {}

for month in year:
    monthindices[month] = len(month)

You can create global variables dynamically, by accessing the globals() mapping, but doing this is generally a bad idea. You'd do it like this if you are stubborn:

gl = globals()
for month in year:
    gl['{}Index'.format(month)] = len(month)
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