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This problem is occuring with Drupal but can be attributed to a general Apache - PHP configuration. In my configuration file I am determing which database to use by a server variable.

if($_SERVER['ENV'] == 'development') {
//Use connection A
} else {
//Use connection B

In apache I am setting the env like so:

<VirtualHost *:80>
//Other normal Apache variables set
SetEnv ENV development

In my normal website setting, this works perfectly fine with PHP is accessed through the webserver. But I am trying to run a command using drush, which is on the command line, and it always connects to the wrong database. The problem really is command line php always connects to connection B and I don't think its necessarily drush.

How do I set the ENV to work both on apache on and the command line? The OS is ubuntu.

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Drush doesn't use Apache to run commands, rather it loads and runs the PHP files directly. To set the variable globally on the server you can edit /etc/environment and add


You can read more about setting environment variables in Ubuntu, check out this help article.

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The --uri switch will inform Drush of what domain to use in the case that HTTP_HOST is unset at runtime.

example: drush --uri=http://uri-to-development cc all

You can add it to the drushrc on each machine so that you don't have to type it every time.

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