I tried to host my java application. But the server has only Tomcat 5.5.4 and JDK version 1.5. The Java EE application I have build is having Tomcat 7.0.34 and JDK 1.7. Now I have been told to down grade the JDK and Tomcat version. Does any body know to downgrade the same. I also want to know what is the Java EE and Servlet version supported by JDK 5.5.4

Is it enough if I only change the JDK version to 1.5 and keep the Tomcat version at 7.0.34. Will it run in the server where the Tomcat version is 5.5.4?


I you have to downgrade your code to be compatible with Tomcat 5 and JDK 1.5, then you can't just downgrade your code to JDK 1.5. You also need to downgrade to Tomcat 5.

I would advice you to look for another hoster though. JDK 1.6 ((Java SE 6) has already been end-of-lived. 1.5 is by all accounts ancient. Never trust a hoster that forces ancient tech upon you!

  • I downgraded the application. And I got the same problem you mentioned . i had to downgrade my code. Thanks for the advice – Maclean Pinto Feb 25 '13 at 10:06

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